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  • Mental Load Checklist

  • Babysitter's Guide

  • Skeptic's Guide to Consequences

Mental Load Checklist

Do you know when your child's next nap needs to be? Do you know if bills have been paid?

If the answer is YES - you likely know the feeling of carrying the mental load. You may feel like you are the ONLY one keeping track of diapers and sleep. Your partner may be feeling like they are the only one thinking of the lawn or the groceries. Together you feel exhausted and resentful.

This easy-to-complete checklist will help you and your partner join together to carry the mental load - so you can enjoy each other more and feel like you're on the same page.
Title: Mental Load Checklist. The first picture shows a white mother (who is pregnant) and father with their school-aged daughter. The second picture is of a mixed race family with two small boys.

"The mental load checklist changed everything..."

"Before doing the mental load checklist I had tried so hard to show my partner just HOW MUCH I do during the day. We sat down and did the checklist together and it helped him see why I was so tired. We came up with a list of ways to share the load and it's made a world of difference."

Babysitter's Guide

Confidently leave your child with a babysitter.

It's time for a night out - but you are worried. How will the babysitter respond if your children hit each other?

The guide includes step-by-step tools for responding to challenging behaviours like tantrums & hitting, a space for personalized notes, and a special printable reminder for caregivers.

You'll also get an easy-to-fill-out sheet where you can include emergency contact numbers, allergies, sleep & feeding schedules, and your child's favourite activities!

Simply fill in the information and feel confident leaving your children as you enjoy your night out! You deserve it!
Title: Babysitter's Guide. The photo shows a mother and daughter blowing bubbles while they sit on a coach in their home.

"This [Babysitter's Guide] made leaving a little easier..."

"I had to leave my child for the first time with her Grandma. The guide made it so much easier to tell my mom how I wanted her to respond to my daughter's behaviour!! Plus, having a spot to write down her schedule helped me know I wasn't forgetting something important! Thank you!"

Skeptic's Guide to Consequences

You are worried that parenting without punishment means you will raise a spoiled child.

Or perhaps your partner or your child's grandparent has this fear! I love skeptics (my husband is one). Skeptics ask important questions.

If you are ready for effective discipline (that won't raise a spoiled child), let us help.

This comprehensive eBook will answer your questions and teach you how to raise resilient, successful, and loving children.
Title: Skeptic's Guide to Consequences.

"He finally gets it..."

"Thank you so much for your skeptics' guide. I've been trying to tell my husband these things for years. He didn't want to sit and watch an entire course with me, so this e-book was perfect! I've already seen a huge change in the way he responds!"

Bring out the best in you and your child.

You'll get lifetime access to guides that have helped tens of thousands of parents transform their homes. Get ready to discipline with confidence, have more energy, and even get a night out!