Course curriculum

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  • 2

    Understanding Discipline For Little Kids

    • What is Gentle Discipline?

    • Old School Methods of Discipline

    • Natural and Logical Consequences

    • Core Family Values

  • 3

    Creating Calm in Your Home

    • Understanding Your Toddlers Brain and Behaviour

    • Framework for Dysregulation

  • 4

    Building a Connected Relationship

    • Building a Secure Relationship With Children

    • Introduction to Reparenting

    • Reparenting and Intergenerational Trauma

    • Reflecting on the Past + Repair for the Future

    • Triggers are like “Ice-Cream Truck Music”

    • 5 Practical Tools for Reparenting

  • 5

    Curiosity: The Key to Understanding Behaviour

    • Curiousity is the Key To Understanding Behaviour

    • Responding to Crying and Whining

  • 6

    Collaborate: The Secret to Problem Solving

    • Teach Kids When They Are Teachable

    • Building a Calming Toolbox

    • Encouraging Independent Play

    • When Kids Say “I Hate You”

    • When You Lose Your Cool: Repairing the Relationship

  • 7

    Supporting Sibling Relationships

    • Adding a New Baby Into the Family

    • Introduction to Supporting Siblings

    • When One Child Hits Another

    • Stop Getting Tangled Up in the Facts

    • Teaching Your Kids to Share

    • Fostering a Sibling Bond

    • Stop Forcing Apologies (And What To Do Instead)

    • The Magical Art of Resetting With Siblings

  • 8

    Exclusive Bonus Lesson: Question and Answer With Jess

    • FAQ: What do I do when my child lies to me?

    • FAQ: What can I do when I feel triggered?

    • FAQ: What do I do when my child thinks their behaviour is funny?

    • FAQ: What about when tantrums seem random?

    • FAQ: What about behaviours that happen when my child is alone?

    • FAQ: What if I do all of this and there is no change?

    • FAQ: Do I have to do this perfect to be a good parent?

  • 9

    Bonus Lessons

    • Navigating Tricky Topics

    • Keeping Kids Body Safe: Body Safety Starter Guide

    • Skeptics Guide to Gentle Parenting

    • Ultimate Guide to Power Struggles

    • Independent Play Ideas

    • Bedtime Battles BONUS PDF Lesson

    • Positive Opposite Challenge

  • 10

    Exclusive Bonus PDF Printable Handouts

    • Printable E-Book: When I Have a Big Feeling

    • Printable Healthy Boundary Reminders

    • Printable Visual Guide to Hitting, Biting and Kicking for Your Fridge!

    • Printable Reminder on Praising Your Littles

    • Calm Down Corner Printables

    • Course Reference List