Easy to Digest Lessons to Help You Find Sleep AND Feel Connected With Your Kids

This comprehensive guide will help you:

  • Feel confident responding to big feelings and tantrums around bedtime.

  • Teach your child the essential tools they need to fall asleep.

  • Confidently guide your children through separation anxiety, nighttime fears, nightmares, and peeing the bed at night.

  • Transition your children to room sharing with ease.

  • Stop your child from coming out of bed all night long and help them sleep in their own bed.

  • Set loving boundaries with your children around bedtime.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Download the Guide Here!

    • Solving Bedtime Battles for Little Kids

  • 2

    Bonus Printables:

    • Visual Schedule for Bedtime Routine

    • Connected Hearts Printable

    • Visual Guide to Transitioning to Big Bed

    • Active Play Ideas Printable

  • 3

    BONUS LESSON: Power Struggles

    • Bonus: Guide to Power Struggles

    • Navigating Tricky Topics

    • Guide to Independent Play

Hear from a happy parent:

“Jess, I couldn’t believe it. Within one week my 4 year old started sleeping through the night in his own bed without tears for the first time in over a year. Thank you!!”

Stop feeling exhausted and disconnected from your child because of bedtime struggles.

Respond with confidence to sleep struggles and start making change today.